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Form Filler

One of the most redundant and inefficient processes in healthcare revolves around one unavoidable facet - forms, forms, forms.

Forms take time, always seem to require repeated data entry, and are an expensive paper use. The IMS Form Filler is designed to pre-populate all necessary patient information on frequently used forms so you and your patients never have to again.
IVR "Interactive Voice Response" Services (Automatic Patient Reminders)
The Form Filler module has 2 distinct functions to assist office staff in completing those tasks:
Arrow Record patient demographic information once with standard forms. Normally on paper, these forms are maintained digitally in the system and each field is pre-populated with data from the patient master.
Arrow Acquire signatures digitally so paper is never needed for text base forms (like the HIPAA agreement).
Automated processes are efficient and more accurate...

Create different text-based forms and specify the frequency those forms need to be completed by the patient.
Increase portability and accessibility...

Integrate with Tablet PC, Pocket PC or a touch screen monitor to collect signatures and information.
Simplify check-in procedures to free up front desk staff time...

Integrate with the SuiteMed Auto Check-in facilities.
Reduce need for printed labels...

Personalize image forms automatically with patient specific information.
Patients are prepared for their doctor visit...

Mail or fax forms to patients prior to visit. Link to forms that need to be completed for specific procedures.
Integrate forms directly to the Visit Note...

Physicians who prefer to continue using familiar forms for Visit Notes, rather than template-based entry, are free do so.
Latest News

10-21-2010 - N2 Technologies is a featured SuiteMed EMR, Lytec and Lytec MD reseller on Software Advice, an online resource that reviews EMR and medical billing software.

10-22-2009 - N2 Technologies launches new website.


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