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Other Features:

Check In/Out

The Check-In/Check-Out Module is an integral component for any multi-specialty, individual ambulatory clinic/office, or multi-office practice. It may be utilized by any staff member (front office staff, MDs, MAs, office managers, off-site managers) that wish to manage the entire patient flow by doctor, room and procedure in and out of multi-specialty, multi-office, individual ambulatory clinics or offices. With the Healthcare Portal feature, patients can even schedule their next appointment and enter/fill out information for required forms via a secure Internet interface.

There is also an auto-scan feature for insurance cards and photos that syncs directly into the patient's electronic chart. This ensures that insurance cards and personal information is recorded as-is with no error prone manual data entry. Practices are effortlessly able to stay up to date with frequently changing patient insurance information increasing the accuracy and timeliness of collections.

Key Features
Arrow Intermittent updates of the patient's appointment status relays waiting time and patient location in the office
Arrow Patient tracking from check-in to check-out provides assurance that all required procedural documents, insurances, billing, payments, visit notes, prescriptions, letters, and follow-up appointment scheduling are complete
Arrow Auto Check-In permits the patient to check themselves in when arriving at the office using a secure and private computer interface: the patient is able to input their demographics and complaints before seeing the doctor
Arrow Mufti-office functionality allows viewing and monitoring of all offices from a central location
Check-In Module Features :
Arrow Individualized view(s)
Arrow Quickly validate patient demographics and insurance details
Arrow Collect Vital signs
Arrow Ability to handle walk-in patients
Arrow Secure Auto Check In kiosk (patient can securely, quickly check themselves in)
Arrow Auto reminder for applicable forms to be filled (patient questionnaire, demographics, insurance, etc.) and presented to patient.
Arrow Auto reminder for applicable forms to be signed (HIPAA Agreement, Insurance Authorization, etc.) and presented to patient for signature capture
Arrow Ability to alter attending physician on the fly
Arrow Room selection and assignment at check-in
Arrow Ability to quickly and easily monitor patient location and waiting status throughout office(s)
Arrow Alert and prompt for user defined parameters (outstanding balances, insurance expiration, etc.)
Arrow Auto prompt for collection of co-payments
Arrow Proactively obtain digital pictures
Arrow Desk-side scanning of ID, forms, insurance cards, etc.
Arrow Monitor waiting time
Arrow One-click access to patient’s chart view
Check-Out Module Features :
Arrow Individualized view(s)
Arrow Prompts for:
Follow up notes
Schedule next appointment
Auto print letters or careplans
Arrow Visit note
Arrow Confirmation of next appointment
Arrow Work excuse
Arrow Reminders (MD defined for such things as follow-up)
Arrow Print/Fax prescription
Arrow If not signed during Check In, reminders for forms to be signed
Arrow If applicable, Lab Test/Specimen labels printed for MAs or office staff
Arrow If Superbill not completed by physician, front staff to be prompted
Arrow One-click access to patient's chart view

Additional Validation Details

SuiteMed's unique Check-In/Check-Out Module is completely customizable by user and/or administrator with a thorough, step-by-step prompting flow that ensures the completion of all vital check-out tasks -- for the office, the patient and the regulatory environment. These check-out prompts include :

Arrow Notification of an incomplete Superbill to ensure every patient encounter gets appropriately billed
Arrow Checking for co-pays or balances due from patients
Arrow Collecting any updated insurance or demographic information
Arrow Processing any referrals or care-related orders
Arrow Scheduling follow-up appointments
Arrow Printing the visit note and/or care plans for the patient
Arrow Ensuring receipt of all necessary lab test specimens and the printing of corresponding labels
Arrow Printing of letters and certificates
Arrow Reminders that can be directed to any staff member
Arrow Faxing and/or printing of prescriptions
Arrow One click access to patient chart view

Managed Care

SuiteMed's IMS offers a complete contract management solution that ensures that all preferred and necessary documents, forms, insurance details and demographic information is received and input into each patient's electronic master chart - before the patient is checked in.

Arrow Users are prompted to validate patient information or necessary authorizations and referrals at the appointment scheduling, check-in, check-out and billing points of the patient encounter where required
Arrow The system also notifies users of procedures that are not covered, diagnoses that are incorrect, and required modifiers that are missing
Billing Report
Arrow Print customized statements or choose from default statements
Arrow Generate statements for all patients or a group of patients
Arrow Billing reports for specific offices and date ranges (service date or entered date)
Arrow Reports by billed Insurance, Doctor, Patient, Place of Service, Referral Doctor, Patient Diagnosis, etc
Arrow Reports by Not Billed patients (for Checked In and Visit Note created)
Arrow Analyze rejected claims to improve future billing
Arrow Day close process and reports
Arrow EMC, aging, and outstanding summary reports
Arrow Over 100 graphical and data reports related to billing
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