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Document Management

A medical office can expect to generate as well as receive a lot of patient-related documents, everyday. IMS's Document Manager is designed to assist the medical office in handling the huge amount of paper work that flows in and out of the practice. As documents like letters and patient's visit notes are created as well as faxed into the system, it is instantaneously organized and "filed" into patient's charts. The medical office will no longer face the problem of missing documents in patient's charts, delayed communication to other parties, or devoting precious time and resources trying to locate missing documents. Our system also ensures that when physicians walk into an examination room, they are confident they have immediate access to the patient's document and a complete knowledge of the patient's medical history, both from one central location.
Document Manager's features include :
Fully integrated :

Document Management is directly connected to: Multi-Scan, Letter Writer, Fax, Reminders and Notes to "file" or categorize documents for easy access.
Central repository for all patient documents :

One click takes you to one screen where users can view and retrieve all patient-related information.
Automatic and intuitive category separation for document types :

X-rays are kept with x-rays and lab results with lab results - no more need for manila folder tab markers and NO MORE PAPER!
Unlimited document categories :

Users may add as many tab categories as necessary to "file" patient documents - chart organization made easy.
Users have quick, intuitive and easy-sorting access to all documents :

Documents organization is setup to contain the following important sorting details: category of documents (fax, lab results, letters, etc.), date received, priority of documents, name of sender (faxes), action taken (ex: document was forwarded à recipient's response), visit date that document is related to.
No more missing charts :

Charts are always in the same place so no more time and money is wasted looking for missing manila folders (or missing files from those folders).
Document tracking and accountability are ever-present :

Users are always able to determine where, when, and to whom documents are sent and received.
All Patient Documents are readily available :

All patient documents can be accessed from each patient's Chart View or from the Patient Documents Screen with a single click.
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