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Medical Billing Software

TotalMD offers easy-to-use, full featured medical billing software that looks and feels similar to what you would find with a modern Microsoft® product. From ERA capability (ability to auto enter electronic EOBs) to appointment scheduling and advanced financials – TotalMD has it all at a low price. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits and features of our medical software program.

Ledger / Transaction Entry Screen

Ledger and Transaction Entry ScreenApply patient payments, insurance payments and adjustments as well as view your financial entries directly below their corresponding procedures. In addition, view the co pay amount, applied deductible, patient balance and patient remainder balance as well as individual procedure remainder balances -- all from the same screen.

Visual Claim Editor

Interactive Claim EditorView your insurance claim form graphically, add any necessary notes and changes then electronically send your insurance claims easily and seamlessly. With the visual claim editor, modifying claims has never been so easy.




Encoder Pro Integration

Encoder ProBuy the advanced version of TotalMD and receive a free copy of Ingenix’s® popular Encoder Pro®. EncoderPro® delivers integrated search results, code detail and lay descriptions for thousands of procedures. And best of all, Encoder Pro® is completely integrated with TotalMD.



Security and Audit

Security and AuditUse TotalMD’s security feature to allow/not allow users to any part of the software. This easy-to-set up feature will give you the control you need to ensure the practice is running properly with the ability to check the audit trail to see what is really happening with the office.




Appointment & Revenue Scheduling

Encoder ProDouble book patient appointments in an operatory if needed and move multiple appointments from one day to another. Customize the information that appears on the appointments, modify the appointments to display the patient’s age, insurance name , or other information. Now, all you need to do is glance over at the computer screen to see everything you need to know for your next patient.


Manage revenue with the Revenue Calendar.

Encoder ProMonthly RevenueView your revenue figures on the monthly calendar. Quickly determine how much money has been posted to the ledger and best of all, display how much money you’ve actually collected. TotalMD also gives you the ability to display this information by provider, making it easy to keep tabs on your associates and other providers.




Electronic Insurance Claims

Encoder ProGet paid faster with electronic claims. View your insurance claim form graphically, add any necessary notes and changes and then electronically send your insurance claims easily and seamlessly with the click of a button.





Save time with automatic payment posting (new)

Encoder ProAutomatically and quickly post payments from the insurance using the ERA automatic posting feature. This will post the payments to each charge sent electronically based on the insurance remittance advice sent electronically.



Patient Statements

Encoder ProPatient StatementsPrinting patient statements has never been so easy and there is a patient statement for every situation. If your patient is ready to checkout, then quickly print the Patient Walkout statement. If it is the end of the month, then quickly and easily print your month end Family statements.




Custom Report Writer

Encoder ProAccess any information with the custom report writer. Use the advanced TotalMD report writer to obtain any and all information you would ever want or need in order to make your practice run smoothly. Customize any existing TotalMD report, statement, letter, list or claim. Or, create your own custom reports to fit your practices unique needs. You no longer need to be frustrated by not being able to obtain specific information from your software.


Prescription Writing

Encoder ProTrack your patient prescriptions history with your integrated prescription writing tool. Need to refill a patient’s prescription? No problem. View your patient’s prescription history and quickly copy over a previous prescription.


Keep a full Schedule with recall & ASAP appointment system.

Encoder ProEasily create new recall appointments and keep your schedule full with the recall list. A patient cancels their appointment? No worries, jump to the ASAP list, to quickly fill possible holes in your schedule.

Line, Bar and Pie Charting

Encoder ProUse the graphs in TotalMD to quickly see informational trends within your practice. View the posted payments by date, or graphically view the appointment count by date. Monitor the number of times procedures are performed in the last 60 days. The TotalMD graphs can help you visually identify the strengths and weaknesses of your practice



EOB Entry with Allowed Amounts and Auto Write Off

Encoder ProAllowed AmountsFrom the EOB insurance check entry screen, quickly and easily record allowed amounts on the fly. Your entered allowed amounts are permanently stored in your insurance plan’s record and automatically used to calculate write offs each time you apply a payment to your procedure..

Medical and Financial Alerts

Encoder ProQuickly and easily add medical and financial alerts to your patients’ records. Later, upon accessing a patient’s ledger, record or upon creating a new appointment for a patient, an auto generated pop up will alert you to the health and/or financial status of your patient.



Deductible Tracking

Encoder ProView and track your patients’ individual and family deductibles from the patient screen as well as from the Transaction Entry / Ledger screen.




Medical Codes

Encoder ProSave hours of data entry by adding all the CPT, ICD and HCPCS codes with a simple click of the button. Additionally, using the complete codes on disk CD helps to ensure that you are using the correct codes - correct coding means fewer rejected claims.





Latest News

10-21-2010 - N2 Technologies is a featured SuiteMed EMR, Lytec and Lytec MD reseller on Software Advice, an online resource that reviews EMR and medical billing software.

10-22-2009 - N2 Technologies launches new website.


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